Dinner Parties Rule, Crazy Parties Drool!

OK, enough with the crazy teenage behaviour now.  Yes, you readers have decided – the overwhelming majority of you, at 87.8%, prefer nice, quiet dinner parties.  There were some of you (at 9.8%), however, who said that whether they’d prefer dinner parties would depend on their dining partners.  If they’re boring, then it’s no fun.  […]

Intimate Dinner or Clubbing?

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Hey! You're 30! Time to be a Grown Up

What’s with “kidults” today?  I don’t necessarily mean those who’re approaching 30 and still living with their parents, but those twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings who actually act like they’re still undergraduates.  I know a few people like this.  After work, they go out to clubs or parties, often several times a week.  These are not networking […]

Grown-Ups can Party All They Want, Right?

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked whether it was appropriate for people in their 30s to party like undergraduates or even teenagers.  While 36.8% of people felt that adults, regardless of their age, the same percentage (36.8%) thought it was only fine once in a while…if one parties all the time, how do they get up […]