FastLane Does Community Service

Cynthia Cheng Repeating April 2009’s community service theme, FastLane once again held the event to a great success.  Held once again at Kultura, this year, community service groups from all over the GTA, including the Junior League of Toronto, Toronto Twilight Rotary Club and the United Way’s GenNext, which targets young professionals in their 20s […]

Junior League of Toronto Winter Recruitment – January 20, 2009

The Junior League of Toronto, a women’s service/volunteer group with over 80 years of service, is holding its recruitment and information evening on Tuesday, January 20th 2009 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Bob Rumball Centre, 2395 Bayview Avenue.  The League is looking for women who want to make a difference.  If you or someone you […]

Corporate Responsibility is Important – Poll

Last week’s question: How important is corporate responsibility (companies doing community service)? This one wasn’t hard to answer. Two-thirds of you (66.7%) believed that corporate responsibility was important because it showed that a company wasn’t all about making money.  That they cared about the community/communities as well.  However, some (at 20%), believe that it is […]

Philanthropy – Give What You've Got!

Kyle Bernstein In New York City, there is an entire social scene, nay, an entire social class, dedicated to supporting the greater good. Pages of magazines are filled with photos of beautiful people in vintage Dior attending auctions, benefits, and fundraisers created to raise funds to bolster a designated cause. That is the image conjured […]