It's Christmas in July!

Prospere Magazine attended a “Home for the Holidays” event on Wednesday at the Hazelton.  Yes, it was Christmas in July!  The event, which was for media only, featured products ranging from skincare to furniture and even fashion.  A representative from The Emmet Ray Bar was there to sample scotch whiskey (which I had for the first […]

The Trendy Bride

T.U. Dawood It’s summer and wedding season!  If you are a bride-to-be, this article is meant to be a summary of all the latest trends and must-haves with plenty of tips thrown in to make your special day spectacular and fun! The Organized Bride: For the woman who wants to plan each detail of her […]

Get Luscious, Red, Vixeny Lips for Valentine's Day!

Michelle Greenberg Valentine’s Day is the day of red: red roses, red cinnamon hearts and red shoes. So why not try out one of this year’s trends? Currently, the fashion magazines are displaying far more vibrant (and often colourful) make-up. Red lips are a classic take on the trend and a great way to change […]

Estée Lauder Puts Women's Best Faces Forward!

  Estée Lauder is hosting a series of social networking related events across the country, with the most recent one held in Toronto at the Holt Renfrew store on Bloor Street.  Participants get a complete make-over by a make-up artist, and then a professional photographer will take their picture for uploading on social networking sites […]

Bella Brushes: Professional Tools at a Fraction of the Cost

Ying Hsu Are you on the hunt for essential makeup brushes that won’t break the bank?  I have discovered Bella Brushes for daily makeup application.  It’s not quite the same quality as MAC brushes or any professional line brushes, but never the less it does its job, inexpensively.  The six piece set includes powder brush, […]

Keeping One's Lips Deliciously Soft and Chocolatey

Ying Hsu For lip care products junkies who love the chocolate and mint flavour, you will fall in love with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Butter, Dark Chocolate & Peppermint (it reminds me and smells like After Eight chocolates). It comes in a squeeze tube and glides on smoothly onto dry chapped lips.  This lip […]

Luscious Budge-Proof Lipcolour

Ying Hsu I have been on the hunt for the perfect long-lasting lipcolour and I have recently discovered a beauty treasure — Pro Longwear Lustre from MAC and it certainly does what it claims!!! It is a simple two step process. To my utter joy, there is no rocket science involved. First I applied the […]

Wedding Make-up: Should You Do it Yourself?

Leah Andrew and Andrea Lown If you’re planning DIY makeup for your wedding, stop in at one of the many makeup counters at your local department store. Tell the makeup artist you are interested in learning how to do a neutral yet elegant and sophisticated look for your big day.  Ask for tips on subtle […]

Please Conceal This!

Ying Hsu Are you suffering from dark circles under the eyes?  Either not enough sleep or you cursed for genetic dark shadows from Mom or Dad?  One day you look into the mirror and you just noticed this huge red volcano of a pimple.  Where did it come from?  You have a hot date tomorrow […]

Coming Soon: Ying's Cosmetics Reviews

Every woman wants to know which products rock and which don’t and why.  Many also want to know when and where the certain products should (or shouldn’t) be used.   Ying Hsu, who has recently completed programs in fashion styling and cosmetics marketing will be launching her beauty product review column at the end of May. Each month, Ying […]