FastLane at Marben: A Good, but Crowded Event

Cynthia Cheng The latest FastLane networking event was held at Marben Restaurant on July 14, 2009.  It was different from most FastLane events as it was held outdoor. The day was nice – a little on the cool side (as the summer in Toronto has been so far), but not too cold. It was actually […]

Toronto’s 29th Annual Pride Parade

Caileen Weitz Rainbows decorated stores, flags and bodies in downtown Toronto on June 28th, the final day of the 29th annual Pride festival. The festival began on the 19th and after 10 days of events such as Family Pride and the Dyke March, came to a close with a final celebration: the Pride Parade.

Mixed Results for Pride

While 18.8% of Prospere Magazine readers attended Pride in their city, some sadly (25%), came from more conservative towns, where Pride just doesn’t happen. 12.5% don’t know what Pride is.   There were also those who did watch Pride, but rather than going to the parade itself, watched it on television (6.3%).  37.5% chose other. […]

Did you go to Pride?

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