Majken Polsen: Personal Trainer and Model

Born and raised in Denmark, Majken Polsen, a model and personal trainer, arrived in California as a 19 year old after graduating from business college.  She did not intend to stay – it was meant to be a vacation/learning experience where she could “find herself.”  Sixteen years later, Majken is still here.

Peace Prize for Obama: Over 73% Don't Think He's Ready

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether they thought that US President deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.  Over 73% of our readers (at 73.7%), thought that he hasn’t done enough in his Presidency to get one.  10.5% thought that he did deserve it and 15.8% were indifferent.  What do you think of the results?

Does President Obama Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

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International Cuisine: Denmark

Logan Niles While driving cross country from Germany to Jutland, Denmark  it’s hard to imagine that pork is the main stay of the Danish diet. With nary a pig in sight amidst the wild lilac bushes, horse pastures, Lego Land and the constant whirl of electricity producing windmills, Denmark leads the industry in green wind […]