House of Hsueh Clutches: Great Accessories, Great Gifts

Cynthia Cheng One thing that many brides are thinking about is what to get their bridesmaids as a thank you gift.  For me, the choice was pretty easy.  The first thing I thought of were House of Hsueh bags.  Hand-made by Toronto-based designer, Benita Hsueh, they are very versatile and can be used as small purses […]

A Custom Made Labl

Trained in fashion in Portugal, Elizabeth Olivera’s old world influences are clearly seen in her style.   Upon coming home to Canada, she worked for some time at a studio, with positions including design assistant and PR representative. In 2002, she launched Labl, a custom-design clothing company. Labl’s clothes are based on a client’s personality.  This […]

Poll Results: Specialty Size Models Won't Change Much

Last week Prospere Magazine asked whether you’d like to see non-standard/specialty size designers in mainstream Fashion Weeks.  Out of all of you who’ve answered, 50% of you felt that it wouldn’t change too much.  The plus size designers will use models on the small side of plus (e.g. 14, 16, 18) while petite designers are […]

Poll: Non-Standard-Size Designers in the Mainstream?

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Karen McFarlane – Jewellery by Karen

Thirteen years ago, after one of the earlier waves of  hospital “downsizing,” Karen McFarlane made a major career change.  Instead of seeking work within the industry elsewhere, she decided to go into jewellery.  First as a project to update her personal collection, it eventually became a line called Jewellery by Karen, which consists of necklaces, […]

Sharp Hill Designs:Scarves, Shawls, Bags and More

After leaving the legal industry five years ago after years of practicing, Kate Woodman decided to take up knitting, something she learned when she was a child.  Kate knitted beautiful, colourful scarves, and eventually “graduated” to making scarves and shawls out of silk. In 2007, Kate started to design bags, first only evening and small […]

KahriAnne Kerr: From the Farm to the Big City

KahriAnne Kerr came from a small hamlet in Iowa, about as far from the big city fashion world as one can get.  Fashion was not the top priority there.  However, KahriAnne was different.  Her creativity started to show at a very young age, something that went beyond typical “kid” things such as “making walls pretty” […]

Rapport Celebration – Expansion, Merger and All that Jazz

Cynthia Cheng Rapport Inc., the Toronto-based communications and design company which focuses on graphic, web design and other creative services to sell a company’s brand, threw an amazing event last week.  The event, which had several purposes including the celebration of the company’s expansion and the merger with Tibbles, another company from the industry, as well as client appreciation, […]

Deliciously Delightful KandiSwim

Dani Kates originally intended to study painting at Cornell.  A year in, she decided that fashion was her calling and transferred to Parsons.  For her final project, Dani created a line of swimsuits, where one of the judges who was from Bergdorf Goodman, told her she had potential.  Dani then decided to launch a line of […]

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: ADBE) is actually over 25 years old.  Founded in 1982 as a company which produced and sold the PostScript page description language (which Apple licensed for its LaserWriter printers), it is today most well known for its free PDF reader and PhotoShop. Since its launch, Adobe Systems has expanded far beyond what […]