SATC’s Universal Theme of Friendship (and Fab Fashion, Too)

Cynthia Cheng Sex and the City 2 opens in theatres across North America this Thursday.  While there are plenty of women who are looking forward to dressing up to the nines to see this movie with their best girlfriends, there are also those who are going to abstain.  Many women find the movie not only […]

Bound Feet in China Circa 1900s vs. Niqabs in Quebec Circa Now

Cynthia Cheng My great-grandmother had bound feet.  Almost every girl in China had it done in those days, a very painful procedure.  This was eventually outlawed with the fall of the Qing Dynasty and the birth of the new Republic in 1911 (though there were plenty of rural women who continued with the procedure – […]

Seeing Canada's Diversity was Great: Poll

  Though many media outlets have said that the Vancouver opening ceremonies were not as good as they should be, many of Prospere Magazine’s readers felt otherwise. In fact, more than half of the readers who participated in the poll, at 61.5%, liked seeing the diversity of Canada. 15.4% thought that it was okay, but not […]

Poll: Did you see the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony?

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Culture Clashes with Parents and the Media

Movies have been dealing with culture clashes between immigrant parents and their new country raised children.  The first talking picture, The Jazz Singer dealt with this very topic – a son of a Jewish cantor who wished to perform jazz.  Several decades later, we got Bend it like Beckham and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  […]

Today's Young People: Wild, Yet Sophisticated?

Queen’s University’s recent cancellation of Homecoming Weekend for the next couple of years shows that in many cases, today’s young people are wilder than the twenty-somethings have ever been – the cancellation was due to the wild after-parties held just off campus.  While the crazy homecoming incidents are predominantly the fault of outsiders, people who […]

Travelling Around the World – Istanbul, Turkey

Veronica Jiminez Istanbul, Turkey is a country of many contrasts. The city, located on both sides of the Bosporus, separating Europe and Asia, is connected by two bridges. The heritage of Istanbul is very diverse. Turkey, founded by Constantine the Great is 324 AD (although the site of ancient Byzantium as far back as 650BC), […]