Prospere Magazine's Five Worst of the Decade List

As the decade draws to a close, Prospere Magazine has come up with a list of what it thinks are the five worst things of the 2000s (outside of the recession, natural disasters, middle east issues and 9/11 – these belong in their own categories): The Flip Flop:  A total fashion DON’T of the 2000s Flip flops as streetwear: Flip flops […]

Mad Men Premiere: Will You Be Watching?

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Deb McGrath: From Class Clown to Canadian Comedy Star

Deb McGrath, an actor born and raised in Toronto has been in the Canadian television and theatre scene for a number of years.  Sometimes seen working with her husband, Colin Mochrie (projects include Getting Along Fabulously, a short-lived television show for the CBC which they conceived, developed and starred in), she is currently best known as Mayor […]

The Seduction Power of Dexter Morgan

Madison McCulloch The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  So here it goes, I have an addiction. Don’t worry, Mom it’s not drugs or alcohol. I am addicted to Dexter. As a self proclaimed TV addict, I can fairly say that this show is the best I’ve seen in years. For […]