Vintage: A Great Way to Go!

Erin Easterbrook When Courtney Leclair puts on her green, floor-length house-robe complete with shoulder pads, she’s engulfed in glamour. The robe is embroidered with a gold dragon on the back. The intricate detailing and luxurious materials suggest it was expensive, but Leclair bought the robe for a modest $8. Vintage clothing, like the dresses displayed […]

Doesn't Ottawa Have Anything Better to Do?

Cynthia Cheng They want to change the lyrics of O Canada, claiming that “in all thy sons command” is sexist.  Honestly, I can’t believe Ottawa would even suggest changing such a thing.  This is not a “real” issue that needs to be dealt with right away.  It’s just words.  It’s not an official document that […]

Vintage Shopping a Huge Success

Erin Easterbrook Vintage clothing has been doing very well in this economy The 25th annual Ottawa Vintage Sale was a day of “full-body contact shopping.” That’s how Jill Guertin describes the event which took place Nov. 15 in the Chateau Laurier Hotel. Although numbers have yet to be confirmed, many vintage vendors say they thought […]

Cynthia's Thoughts on the Recession Coming to an End

Depending on who is speaking, the world is either in a deep recession, or is gradually coming out of one. They say that Europe and the United States were the hardest hit. This wasn’t like the mini-recession we had earlier this decade during the dot-com bust.  This recession hit more industries and had a much bigger […]

Poll Results: Only 7.1% Believe US Auto Industry Will Collapse

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked: On Sunday, GM’s Chief Executive and Chair, Rick Wagoner was asked to resign, signalling more problems with the US auto industry. Are you worried about an absolute collapse? According to the poll: 7.1% said: Yes, and it will worsen the economy.  Stocks were doing relatively well until this happened. 21.4% […]

Poll Results: Recession Not Ending That Soon

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers: US Federal Reserve chair, Ben Bernake, believes that the recession could end by the end of the year, if everything is properly stablized. Is he too optimistic? A third of you (33.3%) believe that Bernake was only saying this so that people wouldn’t be too worried.  Another third […]

Poll Results: Still Spending, Despite Economy

Last week’s question:  Have you been more careful with your holiday spending this year? Most of you are still shopping.  In fact, some of you – 17.6% are buying MORE this year.  At the same time, 35.3% of you are spending just as much as you did in the past and 29.4% are spending less.  […]

Are you spending more thriftly this holiday season?

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US Auto Bailout: Why Now?

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers what they thought of the possible US auto bailout.  We were not surprised with the results.  80% of you thought it was too little, too late.  The US auto industry has been in trouble for years, and it really doesn’t make any sense that they’re asking now.  However, […]

Most Think Jobs Secure: Poll Results

Last week’s question: With the economy the way it is, are you worried about your job? It seems that most of you, at 66% are pretty confident that your jobs are going to be secure. Only 8.3% of you are worried that your jobs aren’t going to last through the winter and another 8.3% are […]