Not Liking GMail Right Now

Cynthia Cheng I have two YouTube accounts.  One for this site and another, which I’ve used for both personal and Shorty Stories videos since 2007.  Lately, I’ve been having trouble accessing the latter account.  Why?  Because it’s now associated with a GMail address, one which I’ve forwarded to another.  One which I no longer have […]

40% Meh on the Google Phone

Out of those surveyed last week, 40% of you are Blackberry users and don’t really care too much about the Google phone.  20% don’t think it’s going to “kill” the iPhone, since Google doesn’t have the iTunes advantage.  Another 20% believe that it’s just more competition.  10% think iPhone sales will drop significantly (since everyone […]

Keep Your Wrist Vibrating with inPulse

Cynthia Cheng A new Blackberry accessory will be entering the market in early 2010.  Created by Eric Muguowski, an alumnus of the University of Waterloo in Ontario (and home of Research in Motion) under the company, Allerta, this bluetooth watch connects with one’s Blackberry so that wearers can see who has emailed or texted them […]

Networking is Working on the Net!

Lisa McDonald In this electronic age we have found ourselves in, how many of us get lost in all the chatter? Did you see my Facebook quiz answers? What’s your status? Did they add me as a friend….? How many of us actually use these tools to our advantage? Who knew that this is all […]

Prospere Magazine To Launch Career Advice Column Among Other Changes

Cynthia Cheng In about a couple of weeks, Prospere Magazine will be changing.  The site will have a new look, including a different sort of layout and a rotating images gallery powered by Featured Content Gallery.  It will certainly give the site an even more magazine-y feel.  In addition,  Prospere Magazine  will be, starting at the end of May, debuting monthly […]

Majority Still Think Thank You Notes Necessary

…though not everyone thinks handwritten notes are necessary.  In total, 46.4% believe that handwritten notes are especially necessarily for gifts or being a guest at someone’s home, but e-mail thanks are sufficient for job interviews – after all decisions are made fairly quickly.  32.1% believe that handwritten notes are always necessary, because it’s more personal.  […]