Supreme Court Says No to Ave Maria

Cynthia Cheng Kathryn Nurre, an alumna of Henry M. Jackson High School in Washington State, wanted to play an instrumental version of  Franz Biebel’s Ave Maria at her graduation.  The school’s reasoning was that it must be a secular ceremony.  Upset, she sued and tried to get it all the way to the US Supreme Court.  […]

Non-English Majors and the Publishing Industry

Back in the day when I was looking for a full time work, I was astounded that publishing jobs tend to look for either journalism or English majors.  I can understand why they prefer someone with a journalism background, but English?  Why aren’t other liberal arts majors listed?  I find it interesting that HR would […]

Culture Shock? Nope, Not Really!

  Many first timers to Hong Kong come here to expect a huge culture shock.  These people, especially ones from more larger, urban centres are often pleasantly surprised to find out that this isn’t really the case.   Hong Kong’s culture in 2009 is quite westernized, likely due to habit, modernization and its colonial past (i.e. the exotic, […]