Sophistication Only Valid When Honest: Poll

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked you whether you thought good polish and sophistication was important for politicians and would-be politicians (considering that Rob Ford, one of the LEAST well-bred politicians (or at least gives off the vibe as such) is running for Mayor of Toronto).  Though no one (sadly) said that it was extremely important, half did say […]

'Good Polish' Important for Politicians?

With Rob Ford, who is generally perceived by the public as being unsophisticated and lacking decorum, now catching up in the polls in the Toronto elections, we at Prospere  Magazine  are asking readers: [poll id=”130″]

Dining Etiquette and Late Gen Xers/Millennials

Cynthia Cheng It bothers me sometimes to see adults who still don’t understand proper table manners.  We aren’t talking about people eat like they’ve been raised in the wild – these adults are actually civilized.  We are talking about adults raised in a western country who still don’t know how to properly set a table or use […]

Sad That Kids Don't Know How to Hold Cutlery: Poll

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked whether readers thought it young elementary school aged kids should know how to properly use a fork and knife (this was after seeing the second episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, where the kids didn’t look like they knew how to properly hold utensils).  It was not suprising that most […]

Should Table Manners Be Taught Young?

[poll id=”120″]

Ann Coulter: The Opposite of Conservative?

Cynthia Cheng Ann Coulter has received a lot of attention in Canada lately, namely because of her appearances (or cancelled ones, like the Ottawa engagement she was supposed to have).  It’s interesting.  For a woman who is against political correctness, Ms. Coulter is, in many ways, more PC than she would want to believe.  First […]

Mind Your Manners: Diplomacy

Kyle Bernstein There is an old joke that goes something like this: Three women are swapping stories about their wonderful husbands.  The first announces that for their first anniversary, her husband took her on a cruise around the world.  One listener “oohs” and “aahs” and the other says:  “Well, that’s nice”.  The second woman brags […]

Zayna Mosam: Image and Lifestyle Consultant

GTA-raised Queen’s University alumna, Zayna Mosam has been formally advising people since 2003, when she launched Zayna Mosam Image Consulting.  She works with men and women of all ages, advising them on personal style, branding, communication optimization and lifestyle management. Currently, Zayna’s roster of clients come from a variety of industries, including finance, communications, education and entertainment.  Zayna Mosam […]

The Mr., Mrs. and Ms.: Cynthia on Traditional Social Correspondence

When I was in high school, a girl in my class complained that she didn’t like how the school addressed mail to her parents.  She said that because they were written to Mr. and Mrs. Dad Lastname, that they were ignoring the fact that her mother “existed” as an individual.  While she might have a […]

Mind Your Manners: Don't Be Late!

Kyle Bernstein At a large cocktail party, arriving one hour after the time stated on the invite is considered “fashionably late”.  Turn up twenty minutes past the prearranged time of a doctor’s appointment, though, and you’re likely to lose your spot and may still be asked to fork over the co-pay.  There are occasions when […]