Food: When Hick Becomes Trendy

Cynthia Cheng Is food really class-oriented?  Say, if someone from a small, remote town serves a plate of dandelion greens, would the world see it as “hick food,” while the same plate served at a high end restaurant in Manhattan would be seen as quite the opposite?  Many signs point to yes.  But why is this the case?  […]

Shopping in Hong Kong

Wow…what can I say?  Shopping here is a recreational sport.  From high end malls like Pacific Place, IFC and The Landmark (where practically every store is something you’d find on Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive) to local markets, you can anything and everything.  Ranging from local brands to internationally known ones like Zara, Kate Spade and Vivienne Tam, shopping doesn’t […]

United Breaks Guitars: Band Battles Airline Through Song

Sons of Maxwell frontman, Dave Carroll created the above YouTube video responding to an issue he had with United Airlines last year.  On his way to a concert, his $3,500 guitar was severely damaged due to mishandling by baggage staff.

Bridal Bliss Without Breaking the Bank, Part II

Leah Andrew Editor’s Note:  Last month, Prospere Magazine gave you the first five points of saving money on your wedding.  Below are the second five: Accessories. If you are working in a budget and your dress has already gobbled up most of it, consider some inexpensive sources for jewelry that can still complement your dress.  […]

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: ADBE) is actually over 25 years old.  Founded in 1982 as a company which produced and sold the PostScript page description language (which Apple licensed for its LaserWriter printers), it is today most well known for its free PDF reader and PhotoShop. Since its launch, Adobe Systems has expanded far beyond what […]