Patio Dinner with the Family

Sunday is Father’s Day!  What are you going to get your dad?  Rather than an at-home barbecue dinner, perhaps the entire family would go out to a restaurant with a nice patio.  No casual outfits for this dinner!  Here’s an outfit that you might want to wear: Patio Dinner by shortystories featuring ASOS shoes Princess […]

When is Tiger Comin back to Golf?

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Poll: What have you done for the holidays?

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Readers OK with 'Older' Relatives on Friends List

ILast week’s question asked whether you “friended” older relatives on social networking sites you participated in.  Half of you, at 50% said that you did.  I guess we’re a mature bunch here (LOL)!  14.3% of you said that you’d never do it – you don’t want to know about their lives, nor do you want […]

Poll: Do You 'Friend' Older Relatives on Social Networking Sites?

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Cathy Denyer of Big Brothers and Big Sisters Toronto

Cathy Denyer, the current president of Big Brothers and Big Sisters Toronto, a mentorship program for youth, has been working in the not-for-profit sector for a number of years.  She has always had an interest in this area.  With a background in criminology and sociology, Cathy has worked in a variety of different organizations dealing with young […]

Marketing, Image and a President

Cynthia Cheng Barack Obama is making history beyond his being the first US President of African descent.  The media, especially over the past few weeks, has also promoted his human side, portraying  him as a family man having to deal with everyday family and household issues like any other regular person.  We can see this in […]

Vacationing This Year?

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Celebrating on a Budget

Madison McCulloch The holidays are meant to be spent with family, friends and good cheer, but let’s face it; a hefty price tag is always attached. Between the big meals, decorations and presents it seems the spending never ends. With the world in an economic crisis many people are looking to cut back on their […]