Hey Jezebel, Please Stop Thinking it's 'Racism'!

This isn’t going to be a long post, but I’ve had it up to HERE with Jezebel and their thinking that any form of skin lightening is “racist.”   They did it again on Tuesday with this post.   They don’t seem to “get” that in some cultures, light skin has been a beauty standard for centuries […]

Swedish Princess Shocks Church with Anglo Tradition

Cynthia Cheng Princess Victoria of Sweden has decided to have her father escort her down the aisle this summer to the shock of her church.  In Sweden, the bride and groom walk together and see the tradition of the father walking the daughter down the aisle as something that is not only foreign, but likely, […]

Love You Jez, But You Don't Always 'Get It' Re: Diversity

Cynthia Cheng I’m a regular reader of Jezebel.  I love commenting on celebrities as well as controversial issues, but sometimes, I feel that the typical reader there doesn’t quite “get it.”  Or at least, they don’t “get” me.  Especially when it comes to ethnicity.  Like most American-based message boards, race and ethnicity usually means black […]

The Mr., Mrs. and Ms.: Cynthia on Traditional Social Correspondence

When I was in high school, a girl in my class complained that she didn’t like how the school addressed mail to her parents.  She said that because they were written to Mr. and Mrs. Dad Lastname, that they were ignoring the fact that her mother “existed” as an individual.  While she might have a […]

Grey Gardens: A Reflection of How Women’s Expectations Have Changed

Last weekend, I saw the premier of the HBO TV movie, Grey Gardens.  This is a fictionalized account of the Edie Beales, a mother (“Big Edie,” played in the movie by Jessica Lange) and daughter (“Little Edie,” played by Drew Barrymore), who went from high society New York to living in a house that was […]

Female Eye Film Festival: The Business of Story and Dirt

The Female Eye Film Festival, Ontario’s only competitive film festival featuring works by women ranging from students to established film makers.  Now in its ninth year, the festival runs from March 25 to March 29 in various venues across  Toronto.  Advance tickets are $8, while regular admissions are $10 at the door ($2 for students […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: Household Applicances and the "Liberation" of Women

According to this article from the Telegraph, the Vatican believes that the washing machine (and other household appliances) did more to “liberate” western women than birth control or abortion.  Obviously, I can understand why the Vatican feels the way they feel about contraceptives and abortion, but is the washing machine really a “liberation tool”?  I […]

Palin, Don’t You Dare Call Yourself a Feminist!

Madison McCulloch Sarah Palin is many things. She is a mother of five, a beauty pageant contestant, an Alaskan governor and potentially the next vice- president of the United States. But if there is one thing she is not, it’s a feminist. On August 29 John McCain announced that he had chosen Palin as his […]