Brunch with CNN's Ali Velshi

Cynthia Cheng CNN’s Ali Velshi was the guest speaker at an event thrown by the Queen’s University Alumni Association on Sunday, February 28.  The event, which was held at Fuzion Resto Lounge in Toronto, also consisted of a delicious three-course brunch.  Cynthia (left) with Ali Velshi, post luncheon. After the main course, Mr. Velshi got […]

Upcoming Event: Queen's Alumni Association Presents Ali Velshi

Cynthia Cheng CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent, Ali Velshi (host of such shows as Your $$$$$ and The Ali Velshi Show.  His book, Gimme My Money Back: Your Guide to Beating the Financial Crisis, was published a year ago), an alumnus of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, will be speaking at Fuzion Resto-Lounge and Garden (580 Church Street) on […]

Recession Valentine's Day: Celebrating Differently this year?

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Poll Results: Business and Working Moms

Last week Prospere Magazine asked its readers what types of posts they’d like to see in Prospere Magazine.  By far, business and working mom-related pieces (tied, at close to 43%) outnumbered other choices.  Arts-related reviews (concerts, theatre, exhibitions, etc…) came in a distant second, at 14.3%.  Would you agree with these results?  This week, we are asking:  […]

Bill to Rescue US Economy is defeated 228-205 – Stocks Fall

Cynthia Cheng The bill which was proposed to save the US economy from turmoil has been narrowly defeated 228 to 205. Stocks began to fall prior to the official announcement, with the Dow dropping as much as 700 points after the announcement. According to reports, with the majority of Republicans (133) and a handful of […]

Coming Soon – Public Company Profiles

Soon, Prospere Magazine will begin to profile various companies who are listed on the New York Stock Exchage (NYSE) and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).  The column will debut in October and will be updated on a weekly basis.  These columns will give a brief history of the profiled company, any news or upcoming products the […]

1M iPhones Sold Over the Weekend? INTERESTING!

After all, most of you said that you’d rather wait to get your iPhones! I guess the general public didn’t want to wait, unlike Prospere Magazine readers! According to last week’s poll, which asked: Will you be getting an iPhone when it launches on Friday? 16.7 of you said: Nope. No unlimited plan? No iPhone!