Are Men Fitter Than Women?

Davelle Morrison The Canadian Health Measures Survey conducted by Statistics Canada released its findings in January 2010. It confirmed what most fitness professionals already know. As a nation, we are not getting any fitter. And for women, their fitness results are worse than men. The Canadian Health Measures Survey found that “maximal aerobic power (VO2 […]

The Peak: A Gorgeous View High Up in Hong Kong

 Home to Hong Kong’s old society, complete with a gorgeous, high-up view of the region, The Peak (more formally known as Victoria Peak or Mount Austin), until the middle of the twentieth century, restricted only to the expat communities from Britain.  Things, of course, have since changed, and today, not only are home owners locals, […]

Majestic Mountains: Red Mountain Resort & Spa

Lynn Burshtein If happiness were a colour, it would be the colour of Red Mountain – more specifically the russet-hued rocks located in St. George, Utah on the northeastern tip of the Mojave Desert. Its epic scenery surely makes this one of the more picturesque places on earth. Indeed, it is as if the area […]