Miami the Healthy Way

Lynn Burshtein Vacationing in Miami Beach can be a decadent affair, filled with sun-bathing and clubbing until all hours of the night. Finding healthy food at South Beach’s trendy restaurants is a challenge and shopping the numerous boutiques – to paraphrase Carrie Bradshaw – might be one’s only form of cardio there. But with the […]

Prospere Readers Unable to Comment on the Tiger SNL Skit

It seems that many of you (at 41%) not watch Saturday Night Live on the evening they showed the Tiger Woods skit that many considered inappropriate.   Some of you were okay (25%) with it, considering that SNL makes fun of everything; 8.3% thought it was inappropriate (considering that Rihanna was on the show as well) […]

Tiger Should Have Been Left Alone

…if he wasn’t famous, no one would be talking – that’s what 40% of you believe.  20% believe that Tiger should have said something, just to stop media hounding.  Another 20% believed that he should have spoken with the  cops (earlier on).  6.6% aren’t sure what he should have done – only that it’s a […]

The Tiger Woods accident situation: What do you think?

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ZulaStudio's Fall/Winter 2009: Jewel Tones and Sophisticated Black Dresses

Zula Kharmov, founder of ZulaStudios launched her line of dresses in in 2006. An alumna of the Moscow Academy of Design, she drew the attention of the fashion community soon after her debut. That same year, she was named Designer of the Year by Talent in Motion magazine.  She was also the Designer of the Month for […]