Upcoming Event: MeFest – October 3, 2009

Lisa McDonald Those 2 Girls are at it again! The Fall 2009 MeFest will take place Saturday, October 3 at the Waterloo Memorial Complex from 9 am to 4 pm.  There’ll be vendors, freebies and much much more!  Check out the MeFest blog for more information.

Grown-Ups can Party All They Want, Right?

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked whether it was appropriate for people in their 30s to party like undergraduates or even teenagers.  While 36.8% of people felt that adults, regardless of their age, the same percentage (36.8%) thought it was only fine once in a while…if one parties all the time, how do they get up […]

Mixed Results for Pride

While 18.8% of Prospere Magazine readers attended Pride in their city, some sadly (25%), came from more conservative towns, where Pride just doesn’t happen. 12.5% don’t know what Pride is.   There were also those who did watch Pride, but rather than going to the parade itself, watched it on television (6.3%).  37.5% chose other. […]

Did you go to Pride?

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June 11, 2009: Rethink Romp

Jonathan, Sarah and Coby having fun at the ReThink Romp on June 11, 2009.  The event raised funds and awareness for breast cancer.

Networking Events: What Makes them Work?

Cynthia Cheng Since its establishment, Prospere Magazine has attended and covered a variety of different networking events.  Some of the events seem to target a specific age group  – for example, FastLane attendees tend to be under 40, while others I’ve been to were industry-specific or ones which target women.  Sometimes, there are events which […]

WestJet: Good Service and Affordable

Low-cost airlines have been “the thing” over the past few years, selling tickets at a much lower cost than so-called “mainstream” airlines.  In Canada, there have been several low-cost airlines, but most have folded.  Currently, WestJet (TSX: WJA) is the only one still in existence.  Launched in 1990s and based out of Calgary, Alberta, this airline flies to destinations across Canada, […]

Dig Yourself – Because Being You Shouldn’t be a Part Time Job

Kyle Bernstein You have a great job with good pay and excellent benefits. You’ve worked hard to get here and you deserve this. You give 110% to your company, have become an expert in your field, participate in company-sponsored events and charities and volunteer in your free time. You are truly living your career. But […]

Maximum Cities Stage Two: London, England

Niya Bajaj The second incredible stop on our journey is London, England. Like all maximum cities, it shares certain characteristics with Mumbai, but on the whole is decidedly more organized, less frenetic, and a great deal more “proper”. If you are the sort who would be lost without your daytimer and a clearly laid out […]