Effective Networking Skills to take the Awkwardness of out Business mixing and mingling

Kristin Marquet Before I started working in the fashion and public relations’ industries, I felt uncomfortable in social situations, was petrified of meeting and talking to new people, and hated public speaking for many reasons but shyness topped the list.  Yet, once I learned effective networking skills, my network of fashion and media contacts exploded. […]

Career Tips from Kathleen: Taking Inventory

Kathleen Garces After 13 years of working as an accountant for a prestigious company, my friend Jane was laid off.  Although she knew that the company was downsizing, she never expected it to happen to her.  While shocked, she reacted with a sense of relief and was even a bit giddy at the thought of […]

Becoming an Expert in your Niche

Kyle Bernstein You have a specialized degree from an important college, an impressive resume, and perfect teeth.  You and about a million others.  What else have you got?  This has become a competitive world and everyone wants to be a super star.  It’s not enough anymore to have the credentials and be good at what […]