Not Liking GMail Right Now

Cynthia Cheng I have two YouTube accounts.  One for this site and another, which I’ve used for both personal and Shorty Stories videos since 2007.  Lately, I’ve been having trouble accessing the latter account.  Why?  Because it’s now associated with a GMail address, one which I’ve forwarded to another.  One which I no longer have […]

A More International, Sophisticated Perspective Needed Online

Cynthia Cheng Many blogs don’t seem to have an international perspective.  These sites, usually run by people who’re multigenerational, don’t seem to understand those who are children or grandchildren of immigrants.  Whenever non-multigeneration people posts something that multigenerationers feel is incorrect, there seems to be a reason to “correct” them.  It’s as if old culture influences is not […]

40% Meh on the Google Phone

Out of those surveyed last week, 40% of you are Blackberry users and don’t really care too much about the Google phone.  20% don’t think it’s going to “kill” the iPhone, since Google doesn’t have the iTunes advantage.  Another 20% believe that it’s just more competition.  10% think iPhone sales will drop significantly (since everyone […]

Google's Smartphone: iPhone Killer?

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Networking is Working on the Net!

Lisa McDonald In this electronic age we have found ourselves in, how many of us get lost in all the chatter? Did you see my Facebook quiz answers? What’s your status? Did they add me as a friend….? How many of us actually use these tools to our advantage? Who knew that this is all […]

What's Cuil? 58.3% Don't Know

Last week’s question: Have you tired Cuil yet? 58.3% of those surveyed haven’t even heard of this new search engine, despite its negative attention-grabbing launch last week.  Perhaps they had wanted it this way.  If they launched the search engine without glitches, perhaps no one would be talking about Cuil!  Cuil would be even less […]

Prospere Magazine EXTRA: Cuil Launches With Glitches

According to all the news releases, Cuil (pronounced “cool”), the new search engine launched yesterday, is supposed to be Google’s new competitor. However, this may not necessarily be the case. Why? You can’t find anything with this site! For example, this site was non-existent, nor did Shorty Stories churn anything out. I originally dismissed it […]