House of Hsueh Clutches: Great Accessories, Great Gifts

Cynthia Cheng One thing that many brides are thinking about is what to get their bridesmaids as a thank you gift.  For me, the choice was pretty easy.  The first thing I thought of were House of Hsueh bags.  Hand-made by Toronto-based designer, Benita Hsueh, they are very versatile and can be used as small purses […]

Half Celebrated Earth Hour Quietly

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked whether its readers were going to be observing Earth Hour, which occurred on Saturday, March 27.  Out of all of you who participated in the poll, 50% of you said that you were either going to observe at home or with friends at their place.  Surprisingly, no one who took […]

Green, Environmentally-Friendly Jewellery by Georgie Designs

Former teacher and mother, Robyn Klauer’s first memorable experience with art was when she painted faces on stones and selling them to neighbours.  When she was in sixth grade, she painted t-shirts with “puffy paint,” and sold it to her sister’s boyfriend for a $20.  

Christmas in October? It's TOO EARLY!

  Last week, Prospere Magazine asked readers what they thought of the Christmas/holiday-related decorations stores put up BEFORE Halloween.  Half of Prospere Magazine’s readers who participated (at exactly 50%), believe that any time before November 1 is much too early.  30% believe that earlier is okay – as long as it’s not too early (e.g. August).  […]

Too Early for the Holidays?

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Sara Sutton Fell: Being Flex With One's Career

Sara Sutton Fell of Denver, Colorado is the brainchild behind FlexJobs, a job site launched in 2007 dedicated to helping people find telecommuting jobs, positions where they can work from home.  Sara started this when she was pregnant with her first child and wanted to look for positions where she could spend more time at home.  However, […]

An Eco-Friendly Fashion Show for a Worthy Cause

Sheena Osman If you want to enjoy a night of eco-friendly fashion while supporting a good cause, you should attend “Growing Trends: An Evening of Eco-Friendly Fashion and Art” which is happening on Saturday, June 13th at the Hart House located at the University of Toronto. This fashion show will raise funds for the charity […]

Toyota: Down but not Out

The automotive industry has not had a good year.  American brands are near bankruptcy and even Japanese cars, which have had success over the years have seen a dip in sales.  Toyota (NYSE: TM) is no exception.  In 2008, Toyota saw red for the first time in decades. However, this isn’t to say that Toyota […]

Poll Results: Reusuable Bags all the Way!!!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked: Loblaws, a Canadian grocery chain has started to charge shoppers 5 cents per plastic bag. Do you bring your own bags to supermarkets? It turns out that most of you are environmentally conscious, with 55% bringing bags to the supermarket (so what kind of bags do you bring?  Store brand […]

Do You Bring Your Own Bags to the Supermarket?

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