Metro Inc. Goes National

Metro Inc. (TSX: MRU-A), a supermarket chain based out of Montreal was in the news quite a bit back inthe fall. The company, which until recently operated under a variety of different names across the country, decided to streamline its so-called “conventional” chains at the end of 2008.  This means that familiar names like Dominion, A&P and […]

Shoppers Drug Mart: Not Your Average Drug Store

Throughout the first part of the twentieth century, drug stores in North American were generally small pharmacies that sold health-related products, and, if lucky, had a lunch counter or soda fountain.  In many towns and cities, these lunch counters/soda fountains have long gone, and what remained are a bunch of standard stores.  Quite boring, no? This […]

Canadian Tire: Cultural Phenomenon or Just Another Big Box Store?

Canadian Tire (TSX: CTC.TO), a specialty store selling not only hardware products, but home products, camping, sporting and other indoor and outdoor gear, opened its doors in 1922, meaning that it was in existence long before The Home Depot (though unlike The Home Depot, Canadian Tire isn’t usually considered a “big box,” probably because of […]