Green, Environmentally-Friendly Jewellery by Georgie Designs

Former teacher and mother, Robyn Klauer’s first memorable experience with art was when she painted faces on stones and selling them to neighbours.  When she was in sixth grade, she painted t-shirts with “puffy paint,” and sold it to her sister’s boyfriend for a $20.  

Karen McFarlane – Jewellery by Karen

Thirteen years ago, after one of the earlier waves of  hospital “downsizing,” Karen McFarlane made a major career change.  Instead of seeking work within the industry elsewhere, she decided to go into jewellery.  First as a project to update her personal collection, it eventually became a line called Jewellery by Karen, which consists of necklaces, […]

Bottled Up Designs: One Person's Trash is Another's Treasure

Bottled Up Designs, a line of jewellery created from broken glass was founded in 2008 by Laura Bergman.  An avid bottle and glass collector, she has spent a great deal of time going through glass and bottle dumps in various habitats and farmlands in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country, where she has lived her entire life.  One thing which has always bothered her […]

Handmade Leather Bags by Neiko Designs

Neiko Designs is a small New York-based hand made bag company. Launched the summer of 2006, Neiko’s work was inspired by the lack of timeless classics in today’s bag market. The company does understand that fashion has its trends, but it does not allow the fashion industry to dictate what they do. They just go […]