Carla Mancini's Spring/Summer 2010 Bags

Cynthia Cheng Carla Mancini is not a person – at least, not a fashion designer.  Rather, it is a line of handbags owned by Mariana Goschin and Richard Elgrichi and has an exquisite spring 2010 line.  Mariana comes from a fashion family.  Her father was an atelier in her home town of Constanza, Romania, and she […]

Mir Handbags: All About Shapes, Patterns, Art and Function

Montreal bag designer, Miriam Fortier is about “art and function.”  Her line Mir Handbags, launched in her hometown three years ago, when she was just a couple of years out of fashion school.  Bags were her thing – one doesn’t have to worry about dress size when it comes to bags – the right bag […]

The Art of the Kimono Bag

After returning to Australia from living in Japan, designer Donna Webster wanted to share the exquisite beauty of Japanese traditional dress, especially that of the Uchikake, worn only by brides or for a stage performance.  The result is Kimono Collection, a line of bags launched in 2006 and created from Japanese wedding kimono, leather and Australian […]

Supporting Breast Cancer Research through Handbags

Fuffy J. Couture, a line of high end handbags based out of Sacramento, California launched in 2006 by two sisters, Lyndie Eimerl and Kristin Morrow. The name was inspired by the eccentric and flamboyant entrerpreneur (and Lyndi and Kristin’s grandfather), Norman Joeger who expressed his creativity through his wild sense of style. Like her grandfather, […]