Holiday Season Starts, Yet So Much to Do!

We aren’t that surprised with this week’s results.  70% of you have not even started shopping, though 20% are nearly finished and 10% have started, but aren’t close to finishing. Where are you at?  Have you started?

Vermont Couple Carves Solutions with Soaps and Candles

Dawn Lancaster and her husband, Mike, have created a line  soaps and candles called Carved Solutions after 20 years of working a 9 to 5 job.  Incorporated just over three years ago, the soaps and candles are eco-friendly, custom-created and locally made, the products have an elegant feel and are perfect for gifts this holiday season. Soaps […]

Networkers do the Holidays

Cynthia Cheng   Recently, FastLane, JCI an a few other young professionals’ organizations got together at CLUB V in Toronto’s hip Yorkville district for an amazing holiday party.  Dubbed the Apres Work Holiday MegaSchmooze, this was one of very few times which several of Toronto’s young networking societies got together for a single event.

Dealing with Holiday Stress

Jessica Ireland Happy Holidays! Or more like hectic holidays for many women. While the holidays can mean joyful events bringing family and friends together, it can also mean cooking a dinner, decorating the house and trying to fit in as many events as possible. A lot of this stress can be a result of expectations.           […]

Brining your Holiday Meal

Logan Niles Every holiday I brine either a turkey or pork loin for the main roast at our house and since I first learned about brining I became an instant fan of this easy cooking technique. Brining meat is an age old culinary technique that adds great, personalized flavour to meat, fowl and even seafood. […]

Balmshell: Twin Success With Multifunction Gloss

Webitor’s Note:  For the upcoming holiday season, Prospere Magazine is looking at neat gift ideas beyond just fashion and accessories. 10 lipgloss shades from Balmshell Toronto is known to be the birthplace of many cosmetics lines, including MAC and Cargo, both of which have gone on to be celeb-favourites.  But over the last couple of […]