Plus Size Designer Clothing Survey Results

Two weeks ago, Prospere Magazine asked readers what they felt about the fact that department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue are selling designer labels in plus sizes.  The results were not surprising at all.  Over 28% (28.6% to be exact) thought it was a great idea.  After all, everyone who could afford them should be […]

Plus-Size Designer Clothes: Yes or No?

Non-standard sized women often want to look attractive and wear designer clothes as well.  Thus, [poll id=”135″]

Corporate Jet vs Commercial Jet: What a Different World

Valerie Athanas I never really thought I’d get such a close look into an industry like private aviation.  I actually started working on the commercial side, as a flight attendant.  I thought that I was getting into this glamorous, thrilling lifestyle that people only dream about.  I quickly realized that I was doomed to live […]

Non-English Majors and the Publishing Industry

Back in the day when I was looking for a full time work, I was astounded that publishing jobs tend to look for either journalism or English majors.  I can understand why they prefer someone with a journalism background, but English?  Why aren’t other liberal arts majors listed?  I find it interesting that HR would […]

Estee Lauder Targets a Wide Variety of Consumers

When one mentions Estee Lauder Companies (NYSE: EL), make-up and other beauty/skincare products is the first thing which pops up in most women’s minds.  The company itself includes several well-known brands, including MAC, Clinique, Aveda, Sean Jean (fragrances), and of course, the Estee Lauder line itself.  The company was first launched in 1946 by Estee Lauder […]

Poll Results: Only 7.1% Believe US Auto Industry Will Collapse

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked: On Sunday, GM’s Chief Executive and Chair, Rick Wagoner was asked to resign, signalling more problems with the US auto industry. Are you worried about an absolute collapse? According to the poll: 7.1% said: Yes, and it will worsen the economy.  Stocks were doing relatively well until this happened. 21.4% […]

Do you Twitter?

Lately, everyone’s been talking about Twitter, the Internet’s latest social networking craze.  Sure, the micro-blogging site, which allows people to post 140 character comments, has been around for a couple of years now, but it seems to me that it has only recently caught the interest of mainstream media. I’ve seen several articles about it […]