Smart, Sophisticated City Dwellers and Interracial Unions

Cynthia Cheng Interracial couples are “happenin’” in cities across the country.  According to this Toronto Star article, 5.1% of all city-dwelling couples were interracial, while 0.5% of all non-city people were.  Vancouver has the most mixed relationships, at 8.5%.  The city factor is not surprising, since demographically, minorities are more likely to live in cities […]

What Year Is It? Louisiana JP Won't Marry Interracial Couple

In 1967, the Supreme Court in the US struck down laws which barred interracial marriage (though some states had these laws in their books as late as 2000 – they were useless, however, since federal laws trump state laws).  Fast forward 42 years and you still find people who don’t want mixed couples to marry.  This […]