Toronto Jewellery Designer Gay Isber will have you calling out 'POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME'

Lisa McDonald First off, I think your designs are beautiful. How did you come to the world of jewellery design? Bought some beads at a store closing sale years ago brought them to Canada.  My husband at the time was a TV nut.  I brought out the box of beads to play with something while […]

Interview with a TIFF Volunteer, Part I

Cynthia Cheng The Toronto International Film Festival, now underway all over the city cannot possibly be as successful as it is without its volunteers. Prospere Magazine recently had the chance to speak with two of TIFF’s volunteers. Stephanie Jones is volunteering at TIFF for the first time. A recent McMaster University grad with a degree […]

Meredith “Lady Lamb” Mainguy of Shimu Shai

Cynthia Cheng Shimu Shai, a spa located in Corktown, just north of Toronto’s Distillery District area is run by Meredith “Lady Lamb” Mainguy. Lady Lamb came up with the name because of its “soft, soothing sound” a name that sounded like a puppy. The name also reflected the spa’s philosophy of wholesome, country freshness. Most […]