Effective Networking Skills to take the Awkwardness of out Business mixing and mingling

Kristin Marquet Before I started working in the fashion and public relations’ industries, I felt uncomfortable in social situations, was petrified of meeting and talking to new people, and hated public speaking for many reasons but shyness topped the list.  Yet, once I learned effective networking skills, my network of fashion and media contacts exploded. […]

Minding Your Manners – “Next” : The Other Four-Letter-Word

Kyle Bernstein We’ve all been there.  You’re patiently waiting in the “10 items or less” lane with your basket which contains exactly nine items.  You are certain of this because you’ve watched the eyes of the patron behind you count and recount them in an attempt to have you booted from the line.  Your basket seems […]

Part Eleven: Ethics, Schmethics. Really?

Kyle Bernstein It’s so very hard to be good: mind your manners, sit up straight, and eat your vegetables.  It seems that life is full of rights and wrongs and endless “to do” lists meant to keep us in line.  The Girl Scout Law in the US says: “I will do my best to be […]

Body Image: Let the Petite Voice Be Heard

On another messageboard, I recently joined in a conversation about body image.  I remarked that as a petite woman, I share many of the same issues plus sized women (regardless of their height) face, especially when it comes to clothing.  They argue that no one ever calls a shorter woman (at least one who is […]

Mistakes Working Women Make (formerly Seven Critical Mistakes Working Women Make)

Iris Benrubi Not challenging the images, expectations and role models society gives you! As I mentioned in the introduction, we are bombarded with messages that tell us how we should live and look, and what we should do and own in order to be happy.  We make a big mistake when we ‘buy’ the message […]

Are You Worried About Your Career?

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Becoming an Expert in your Niche

Kyle Bernstein You have a specialized degree from an important college, an impressive resume, and perfect teeth.  You and about a million others.  What else have you got?  This has become a competitive world and everyone wants to be a super star.  It’s not enough anymore to have the credentials and be good at what […]

Gossiping: Can Make or Break Your Career

Eloise Paul Once we exit the realm of post secondary life and move into our careers.  We take with us many of the soft skills learned in school.  We are encouraged to enjoy teamwork and creating relationships.  What we are not prepared for is the harm that can be caused by water cooler gossip.  It […]