Effective Networking Skills to take the Awkwardness of out Business mixing and mingling

Kristin Marquet Before I started working in the fashion and public relations’ industries, I felt uncomfortable in social situations, was petrified of meeting and talking to new people, and hated public speaking for many reasons but shyness topped the list.  Yet, once I learned effective networking skills, my network of fashion and media contacts exploded. […]

Professional Profiles will Return

Prospere Magazine is covering the tents this week!  Our weekly profile of women with unique careers is on hiatus this week, but will return on October 28!

Career Tips from Kathleen: Taking Inventory

Kathleen Garces After 13 years of working as an accountant for a prestigious company, my friend Jane was laid off.  Although she knew that the company was downsizing, she never expected it to happen to her.  While shocked, she reacted with a sense of relief and was even a bit giddy at the thought of […]

Coming Soon….Monthly Columns

Starting later this month, Prospere Magazine will launch monthly columns on beauty, food, etiquette and career advice.  More information, including an introduction of the columnists will be coming soon!

Cynthia's Thoughts on Going to High School Alum Events

This week, I had the wonderful chance of going back to my high school to attend a dinner honouring an alumna, or Old Girls as we call ourselves.  It’s amazing how popular these events are.  Sure, the woman honoured this year is well-known, but it seems that at this school, at least, these functions tend […]

Networking Events: What Makes them Work?

Cynthia Cheng Since its establishment, Prospere Magazine has attended and covered a variety of different networking events.  Some of the events seem to target a specific age group  – for example, FastLane attendees tend to be under 40, while others I’ve been to were industry-specific or ones which target women.  Sometimes, there are events which […]

Barbie is 50, but the Criticism Doesn't Stop

Barbie celebrates her 50th birthday this month.   Yes, the blonde fashion doll is half a century old this year.  Making her debut in March 1959, Barbara Millicent Roberts has been criticized over the past decades as being a “bad influence” on girls.  Ranging from her proportions (a “real life” Barbie would be about 5’9″ with […]

York University's Strike: ENOUGH ALREADY! – UPDATED INFO

Teaching assistants, research assistants and contract faculty at York University, one of three universities in the City of Toronto, have been on strike since the beginning of November, shutting 50,000 students out of class.  Strikers want better job stability and longer contracts (currently, they have to reapply for their position every year). Their demand may not sound unreasonable, […]

Mistakes Working Women Make, Finale

Not making conscious choices! Ever notice yourself driving from one destination to another without knowing how you got there?  Ever get on the bus or subway and get so preoccupied with your thoughts and miss your stop?  This is an example of living life unconsciously.  We are focusing so much on either the past or […]

The Ladies' Room: The Ultimate Old Girls' Club?

Cynthia Cheng People often talk about the Old Boys’ Network, that old “organization” which benefited upper class males through connections, official clubs and so forth. It is supposed to be something that is should have died out a long time ago, but some of it still remains. Many believe that women do not have an […]