Styling it up at Ottawa's Justine & Justinas

Christopher Massardo It’s nothing new to say that Ottawa gets over-looked from time to time regarding its ability to provide good fashion to the cities consumers. Ottawa doesn’t always miss the mark though, one example being Justine & Justinas on Sussex. Up until recently and its opening in 1993 the store was known simply as […]

LG Fashion Week, Day 2

Cynthia Cheng Day 2 was exciting.  Shows included Ula Zukwoska, Travis Taddeo and Lundström. Slides descriptions: 1 and 15 is Ula Zukowska; 2 to 6 is Lundström; 7 to 9 is Joeffer Caoc; 10 and 11 is Zoran Dobric; 12 to 14 is Travis Taddeo.