Non-English Majors and the Publishing Industry

Back in the day when I was looking for a full time work, I was astounded that publishing jobs tend to look for either journalism or English majors.  I can understand why they prefer someone with a journalism background, but English?  Why aren’t other liberal arts majors listed?  I find it interesting that HR would […]

Dara Fleischer – Blogger, Marketing Director and Fashionista

Dara Fleischer, originally of Montreal, is a graduate of Ryerson University’s broadcast journalism program.  She has worked in a variety of different fashion-related publications and companies, including LOULOU magazine and Club Monaco.  She is currently the Marketing Director of Beyond the Rack, an online shopping club based out of Montreal.  Dara was one of the earliest employees […]

Poll: Why is Current TV silent on the Euna Lee/Laura Ling case?

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EXTRA – Margaret Wente: BSS Distinguished Old Girl Award Winner 2008

Cynthia Cheng I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a dinner at my alma mater, The Bishop Strachan School, honouring Old Girl (alumna) Margaret Wente (known as Peggy to her friends) with the Distinguished Old Girl Award (DOGA), which is awarded annually to a very accomplished and inspiring alumna. Previous winners have included Victoria Matthews, […]