Get Luscious, Red, Vixeny Lips for Valentine's Day!

Michelle Greenberg Valentine’s Day is the day of red: red roses, red cinnamon hearts and red shoes. So why not try out one of this year’s trends? Currently, the fashion magazines are displaying far more vibrant (and often colourful) make-up. Red lips are a classic take on the trend and a great way to change […]

Luscious Budge-Proof Lipcolour

Ying Hsu I have been on the hunt for the perfect long-lasting lipcolour and I have recently discovered a beauty treasure — Pro Longwear Lustre from MAC and it certainly does what it claims!!! It is a simple two step process. To my utter joy, there is no rocket science involved. First I applied the […]

Coming Soon: Ying's Cosmetics Reviews

Every woman wants to know which products rock and which don’t and why.  Many also want to know when and where the certain products should (or shouldn’t) be used.   Ying Hsu, who has recently completed programs in fashion styling and cosmetics marketing will be launching her beauty product review column at the end of May. Each month, Ying […]

Balmshell: Twin Success With Multifunction Gloss

Webitor’s Note:  For the upcoming holiday season, Prospere Magazine is looking at neat gift ideas beyond just fashion and accessories. 10 lipgloss shades from Balmshell Toronto is known to be the birthplace of many cosmetics lines, including MAC and Cargo, both of which have gone on to be celeb-favourites.  But over the last couple of […]