Vintage Clothing from the Past: Hong Kong 1950s-Early 60s

Mad Men‘s fourth season debuted yesterday, but have you ever wondered what clothing from other countries looked like around the same period? Below are clips from various fashion shows in Hong Kong back in the 1950s and early 1960s. Notice how many pieces look like they were inspired by Asian clothing. Also, observe what the […]

Scotch Whiskey: Still a ‘Man’ Drink

Cynthia Cheng At the Home for the Holidays event last week, I had my first experience of drinking scotch on the rocks.  Yeah.  Scotch Whiskey.  With Ice.  Nothing Else.  For a girl who usually sticks to wines and fruity cocktails, it was quite the experience.  It was really strong, for one and definitely an acquired […]

Mad Men: A New Beginning? (SPOILER ALERT!)

Cynthia Cheng The third season finale of Mad Men was definitely a great way to end the year.  It’s like a close of something old, and an opening of something new.  The timeline is December, 1963, just weeks after JFK’s death, and we are finding that Sterling Cooper and its parent company, PPL, are being […]

Cynthia’s Thoughts on Mad Men – Nostalgia it is NOT!

For the past several months, everyone has been talking about Mad Men, now in its third season on AMC.  The show has won several awards and are up for more at this weekend’s Emmys.  This has even led to a comeback of some early 1960s styles and AMC has a guide to the era’s cocktails.  […]

Mad Men, Twenty-First Century Style

Cynthia Cheng Mad Men’s third season premiered on Sunday.  The show has certainly brought a surge in popularity with early 1960s styles – even Banana Republic ran a contest with AMC and Mad Men where fans got a chance to win a walk-on role by submitting their best “Mad Men” looks. Seeing that, Prospere Magazine […]

Most Had Plans to Watch Mad Men's Season 3 Premiere

Last week’s poll asked if people planned to watch Mad Men’s season 3 debut.  I’m thinking the results were a little skewed this week, since it seems that only Mad Men fans voted – 87.5% of you said you watched on AMC! Of course, there were those of you who planned to watch the show […]

Mad Men Premiere: Will You Be Watching?

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Two Girls B Frank About Guys and Grooming

The rise in popularity of the so-called “metrosexual” led Annie Kue and Humara Kausar launched ibFrank, a mobile men’s grooming company in 2008.  Prior to founding ibFrank (a play on Benjamin Franklin, who wrote about grooming and improving oneself), both had worked in the beauty industry for nine years.  In addition, Humara is a graduate […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: Our Dependence on Technology – good or bad?

In the past ten years, society has been increasingly dependent on technology. The cell phone, once a gadget of those in the financial sector, can be found on practically everyone between the ages of 16 and 65. Some people don’t even have landlines, almost unheard of prior to 2003. Recently, I was watching a first […]