Sad That Kids Don't Know How to Hold Cutlery: Poll

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked whether readers thought it young elementary school aged kids should know how to properly use a fork and knife (this was after seeing the second episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, where the kids didn’t look like they knew how to properly hold utensils).  It was not suprising that most […]

Should Table Manners Be Taught Young?

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Ann Coulter: The Opposite of Conservative?

Cynthia Cheng Ann Coulter has received a lot of attention in Canada lately, namely because of her appearances (or cancelled ones, like the Ottawa engagement she was supposed to have).  It’s interesting.  For a woman who is against political correctness, Ms. Coulter is, in many ways, more PC than she would want to believe.  First […]

Mind Your Manners: Diplomacy

Kyle Bernstein There is an old joke that goes something like this: Three women are swapping stories about their wonderful husbands.  The first announces that for their first anniversary, her husband took her on a cruise around the world.  One listener “oohs” and “aahs” and the other says:  “Well, that’s nice”.  The second woman brags […]

Cellphones and Theatres: People Should Know!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked: In a recent live performance, actor Hugh Jackman broke character to tell an audience member to turn off a ringing cell phone. Should theatres automatically block phone reception? 42.3% of those who replied said that theatre-goers should know that cellphones need to be off/on vibrate during a performance.  It’s simple […]

Mind Your Manners!

Kyle Bernstein Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of proper etiquette based on respect for others – being pleasant and sincere, awareness of your surroundings, thinking before you speak, speaking when spoken to, acting appropriately, and saying “please” and “thank you” – let’s delve into the world of bad manners. 

Live Theatre, Hugh Jackman and Cell Phones

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Minding Your Manners

Kyle Bernstein Perhaps the mere sound of the word suggests elitism, elegance, and maybe even antiquity.  However, “etiquette” is simply another word for manners and it applies to all of us.  Webster’s New World Dictionary describes minding your manners as “observing proper behavior in social situations”.  Of course, what can be construed as “proper” may […]

Coming Soon: Protocol Corner

What’s formal?  Semi-formal?  How do I set a table for a formal dinner?  What’s the difference between American style and European/Contiental style?  How do I introduce people to one another?  When is it appropriate to call someone by his or her first name?  What about business cards?  Thank you notes?  These, plus many others, are questions many […]