Half Believe Physical Size More Important

We are not surprised here.  50% of you thought that seeing models who are relatively the same size as yourself is more important than one of the same or similar ethnicity.  After all, how are you supposed to know what an outfit looks like on you if the model was a completely different size? 21.6% […]

Ethnicity, Size, Both or None? What's Most Important to you in Advertising?

There are lots of people who believe that models who “look like them” are more likely to persuade them to purchase items than ones who do not.  In other words, for many minorities, they are more likely to purchase items (or clothing, in this case) if models look like them, ethnically.  Others feel that ethnicity […]

Christa Chambers-Price Helps Innovate and Develop Careers

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Christa Chambers-Price is the managing director of knowledgecrush.com and its parent company, Chrysalis Interactive, both companies, both which help people develop their businesses. Knowledgecrush.com focuses on developing careers through coaching, mentoring and leadership.  They even have an upcoming event which helps participants find new jobs or career paths.  Called The Reinvention Project, this is a […]

Poll Results: Sites and Blogs Important!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked readers what type of online presence was most important for a new business.  Though few people took part last week, it seems that most of you agree that either a blog or full-out website, complete with social media and advertising are important (both at 42.9%). No one felt that word-of-mouth first, traditional sites […]

Online Presence: What's Most Important for Small Businesses?

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Career Profile: Aynsley Deluce

Aynsley Deluce has two jobs.  Though both jobs allow her to work from home (she also has access to office space for both), they couldn’t be more different.  One of her jobs is a partner for parkingspots.com, a company which connects people with parking to those who need it.   It is essentially a database where people across […]

Cassandra Bowers: Accounting to Independent Event Planner (CORRECTED PIECE)

Event planner Cassandra Bowers runs a successful event company, Bowers and Co. Event Management, which launched just a little over a year ago, in May of 2008.  The company focuses primarily on organizing corporate events, including charity events, though it has also planned some personal events such as weddings and retirement parties.  One of Cassandra’s first […]

Tim Hortons in the Big Apple? Yea or Nay?

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Do you Twitter?

Lately, everyone’s been talking about Twitter, the Internet’s latest social networking craze.  Sure, the micro-blogging site, which allows people to post 140 character comments, has been around for a couple of years now, but it seems to me that it has only recently caught the interest of mainstream media. I’ve seen several articles about it […]

Tim Hortons: Coffee and Canadiana

For many Canadians, when it comes to affordable store-bought coffee, it’s all about the Tims (also known as Timmys).  Tim Hortons (TSX: THI.TO; NYSE: THI), that is.  Opened in 1964, the company was founded by late Toronto Maple Leaf player, Tim Horton, selling doughnuts, coffee and other treats.  Three years later, Horton’s investor, Ron Joyce took […]