Travel: Hong Kong Series

Cynthia Cheng Hong Kong Harbour in the evening.  Picture © YTWong/istockphoto Prospere Magazine will be writing a series of articles about Hong Kong starting Saturday, December 19.  Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, reverted back to Chinese rule in 1997 after 99 years as a British Colony.  As a result of colonialism, the culture […]

Medieval Portugal, Part I – Lisbon

K. Lau Lisbon was founded by Phoenicians who landed on their seaborne travels in 1200 BC. It then became a regular stop on the route to northern Europe for traders from the Mediterranean: Greeks, Carthaginians and eventually Romans, who conquered the city in 138 AD. When under Arab rule in 714 it was named Lissabona. […]

Young Patrons' Circle Event: Indigenous Art in Toronto

Last week, I had the opportunity to view indigenous art from Southeast Asia at a private home in Toronto organized by the Young Patrons’ Circle of the Royal Ontario Museum. The art of the people of Borneo, an island which divides Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia, is primarily religious-based, meaning that the pieces are actually used […]