Majestic Mountains: Red Mountain Resort & Spa

Lynn Burshtein If happiness were a colour, it would be the colour of Red Mountain – more specifically the russet-hued rocks located in St. George, Utah on the northeastern tip of the Mojave Desert. Its epic scenery surely makes this one of the more picturesque places on earth. Indeed, it is as if the area […]

Wellness in the Wilderness – The Rosseau Resort & Spa, Minett, Ontario

Lynn Burshtein How do you like to spend your weekend getaways, being cocooned in luxury or by getting back to nature? The J.W. Marriott Rosseau Resort & Spa offers the best of both worlds: all the amenities of a world-class spa resort and access to wilderness adventures in Muskoka cottage country. For those whose idea […]

LG Fashion Week, Day 5: Ryerson Alum and Season 1 of PRC

Cynthia Cheng (Slides 1-6 are Ryerson Alum.  In order:  David Chou, Dayna Phillips, Heidi Ackerman, Kat Marks, Sara Duke & Sidney Holloway.  Slides 7-11 is Carlie Wong; Slides 12-14 is Evan Biddell; Slides 15-17 is Lucian Matis) Today’s four shows were all about new designers.  The first show of the day was featured six recent […]

The Statement of Liebling

Liebling Designs, a line of hairclips, necklaces and earrings, is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is run by Jessica Cripps.  From a creative family – Jessica’s mother makes original objets d’arts and her German grandmother is highly talented at knitting, crocheting and sewing, – she launched her line of “statement jewellery”  in May 2008.