Law & Order's Sudden Cancellation Disappoints Some; Doesn't Surprise Others

I am not surprised at the results.  37.5% of you are shockingly surprised that NBC would just cancel a long-running series without a proper ending (well, at least a movie might be in the works).  Another 37.5% thought that the show has had its run – after all, it’s 20 seasons, right?  12.5% thought that […]

Betty White's SNL Somewhat Disappointing

It looks like many of you didn’t fully enjoy Betty White’s performance on Saturday Night Live.  About 43% (42.9%) said that you liked the show, but it wasn’t as good as it you thought.  No one thought it was the best show they’ve seen in a while nor did anyone say that they’ve never heard […]

Original Law & Order Cancelled! Bad Move by NBC?

The shocking announcement came this weekend, so we’re asking… [poll id=”126″]

Did You Watch Betty White on SNL?

Earlier this year, some people started a Facebook group trying to get Saturday Night Live to have Betty White host the show. Though they were reluctant at first, they eventually gave in and Ms. White hosted this past Saturday. So, our Prospere Magazine question this week is: [poll id=”125″]

Mixed Results Regarding Cyndi Lauper's Effort on Apprentice Premiere

Last week, we asked Prospere Magazine readers what they thought about the season premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice and whether Cyndi Lauper, who was the project manager for the women’s team, should have been fired. The results were pretty mixed.  Approximately 27.3% of you believed that should have been fired – it was her event, […]

Apprentice Poll: Should Cyndi Lauper Have Been Fired?

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The Tonight Show Should Go!!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether NBC should retire the Tonight Show when Jay comes back to the 11:35 slot in March.  Out of all of you who participated in the poll, 66.7% of you believed the name needed to go; 13.7% of you thought that the name should stay, since it’s been […]

Should NBC Retire the "Tonight Show"?

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SNL and Tiger Woods: Appropriate?

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