Sisters Celebrate 10 Years of Female-Targeted Mobile Lifestyle Bags

Casauri, a Florida-based business, has been selling attractive bags for business (e.g. laptop bags), predominantly targeting women for 10 years.  Back when the company started in the late 1990s, laptop bags, beyond “basic black” were hard to find.  Emily McHugh was an MBA student at Columbia when her sister, Helena, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology  made Emily a bag which got […]

Acer is for Netbooks

A few years ago, chance are, many people outside of Taiwan had never heard of Acer Group (LSE: ACID; Taiwan Exchange: 2353).  Lately, however, many more have, after Acer’s recent introduction of  the netbook (small laptop computers).  Acer’s netbooks have become increasingly popular, usually used by people as second computers, due to the size (generally […]