Plus Size Designer Clothing Survey Results

Two weeks ago, Prospere Magazine asked readers what they felt about the fact that department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue are selling designer labels in plus sizes.  The results were not surprising at all.  Over 28% (28.6% to be exact) thought it was a great idea.  After all, everyone who could afford them should be […]

Plus-Size Designer Clothes: Yes or No?

Non-standard sized women often want to look attractive and wear designer clothes as well.  Thus, [poll id=”135″]

Dara Fleischer – Blogger, Marketing Director and Fashionista

Dara Fleischer, originally of Montreal, is a graduate of Ryerson University’s broadcast journalism program.  She has worked in a variety of different fashion-related publications and companies, including LOULOU magazine and Club Monaco.  She is currently the Marketing Director of Beyond the Rack, an online shopping club based out of Montreal.  Dara was one of the earliest employees […]

Cellphones and Theatres: People Should Know!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked: In a recent live performance, actor Hugh Jackman broke character to tell an audience member to turn off a ringing cell phone. Should theatres automatically block phone reception? 42.3% of those who replied said that theatre-goers should know that cellphones need to be off/on vibrate during a performance.  It’s simple […]

Live Theatre, Hugh Jackman and Cell Phones

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Sodaliscious at Nolcha Fashion Week!

In Prospere Magazine’s last profile of Cindy Renee Mathieu, we indicated that her Sodaliscious line will be making an appearance at Nolcha Fashion Week in New York. Her show is on September 16, 2009 at the Bohemian National Hall on East 73rd Street. Nolcha Fashion Week features independent designers and is held simultaneously with New York Fashion […]

Sodaliscious Keeps Cindy Mathieu Busy!

A look at Sodaliscious’ Fall 2009 line:                                               From having shows all over the United States to being featured in a variety of awards shows, Toronto-based Sodaliscious‘s Cindy Renee Mathieu has been extremely busy. In fact, she […]

Poll Results: Tims Should Do Well In Manhattan

  Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether they thought that Tim Hortons, which recently opened several stores in Manhattan, would do well there. Amazingly, over half of you (at 56.3%) believed that it would – after all, there Timmy’s is already in the US market.  6.3% of you said that it’ll take time […]

Tim Hortons in the Big Apple? Yea or Nay?

[poll id=”83″] Globe and Mail article

KahriAnne Kerr: From the Farm to the Big City

KahriAnne Kerr came from a small hamlet in Iowa, about as far from the big city fashion world as one can get.  Fashion was not the top priority there.  However, KahriAnne was different.  Her creativity started to show at a very young age, something that went beyond typical “kid” things such as “making walls pretty” […]