Companies Should Use Models of Varying Sizes Rather Than Employees

It seems that nearly half (at 40%)of you thought that companies like LOFT should have used professional models of varying sizes, rather than their employees.  At the same time, 20% thought that they should have taken professional pictures, rather than snapshots that looked like they came from a cell phone.  Also, 10% thought it was […]

The Use of Non-Models as Models: Good Idea?

Answering to a Facebook poster’s request to see an item on different body types, LOFT recently posted pictures of its employees wearing the same style of cargo pants.  The employees, which varied on body type and height led to a burst of posts online.  Therefore, this week, we are asking you: [poll id=”131″]

Cheri Milaney Brings out the Sparkle in Every Woman

British Columbia’s Cheri Milaney has had an interest in fashion design since she was a little girl.  At the age of six, she sketching different outfits.  When she finished high school, she studied fashion merchandising at Alberta’s Olds College, and spent some time training and then started her own line, which is celebrating its 10th […]