Cynthia’s Thoughts on Mad Men – Nostalgia it is NOT!

For the past several months, everyone has been talking about Mad Men, now in its third season on AMC.  The show has won several awards and are up for more at this weekend’s Emmys.  This has even led to a comeback of some early 1960s styles and AMC has a guide to the era’s cocktails.  […]

Cynthia’s Thoughts: Getting Nostalgic With Being Erica

Being Erica, a Canadian dramady about a 32 year old woman, Erica Strange, premiered in Canada on CBC this week (it will be on Soapnet in the US later this year).  Erica is university-educated and attractive. Yet, she feels that she isn’t where she’s supposed to be in life.  When she was younger, she thought that by the time […]