It's all about the Good Ol' Hockey Game!

It looks like half of you were watching the Big Game on February 28, while 20% of you were doing something else. I guess you didn’t want to jinx the results, eh?  10% of you were sleeping, another 10% didn’t know about the game and yet another 10% chose “other.”

Poll: Were You Watching Hockey?

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Toronto hockey fans celebrate Canada’s gold medal win at the crossing on Yonge & Bloor.  Every time walk signs are on at all four corners, people run into the middle of the street, waving flags!!

Seeing Canada's Diversity was Great: Poll

  Though many media outlets have said that the Vancouver opening ceremonies were not as good as they should be, many of Prospere Magazine’s readers felt otherwise. In fact, more than half of the readers who participated in the poll, at 61.5%, liked seeing the diversity of Canada. 15.4% thought that it was okay, but not […]

Women's Hockey and the Olympics

Cynthia Cheng Since the day women’s hockey became an Olympic sport in 1998, people have been criticizing it.  People believe that the game is only very developed in two countries: Canada and the United States, and therefore does not have a place in the Games because it lacks competition.  They say that it’s very likely […]

Valentine's Day Plans – Mixed Results

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers how they were going to spend Valentine’s Day.  It had expected that readers would say that they’d either be spending it with a signifant other (which ended up being 8.3% for those who stayed in with them, and another 8.3% for those who went out for a romantic […]

Poll: Did you see the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony?

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Poll Results: Half are watching, Half are not!

Last week’s question: Are you watching the Olympics? I’m not to surprised at the results.  This year’s Olympics is kind of controversial, and I think some people in Toronto are still a little bit bitter that Beijing was awarded the Games.  However, 50% of you said you were watching, while 40% said that you aren’t […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: The Chinese Women's Gymnastics Team Age Controversy

There’s been a lot of talk about how the athletes on the Chinese Women’s Gymnastics team are underage ( in order to qualify for the Olympics, you have to be 16 or turning 16 the year you compete), because they look so young. In fact, Sports Illustrated recently published an article claiming that one of the girls, […]