Pretty Jewellery Lands One in Handmade Heaven

Savithri Sastri Maileen Gan doesn’t want to look the same as everyone else.  That is why she loves handmade jewellery.  “I like that it is unique and that an artist put so much thought in to designing it,” said Gan, a business analyst in her twenties. One of her favourite pieces is a pair of […]

Food Booths at the One of a Kind Show

Logan Niles Spring rolls from Saigon Soul Food I had the pleasure of attending the One of a Kind Show this past weekend at Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre.  I naturally couldn’t wait to check out the food products, do some sampling and get a feel for the kinds of culinary items displayed.

House of Hsueh: Unique Environmentally Conscious Bags and Accessories

Back in December, Prospere Magazine profiled Benita Hsueh’s line of plush toys, We Are Wedges.  But plush toys aren’t the only thing Benita creates.  She also has a line of bags and accessories, marketed under the line House of Hsueh. Bird Brooch Bird Earrings House of Hsueh was founded in 2007.  Every one of House of Hsueh’s […]