Card Cache Keeps Them Together

Remember punching a hole on your student ID card in university and wearing it around your neck with your keys?  Now you can live it all over again with Card Cache, a pretty key chain which also holds your cards together.  All you need to do is punch a hole on the corner.  Card Cache […]

Petite Pants on a Tall Model? Ummm…BAD IDEA!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked whether you thought the use of a 5’10” model for a pair of pants designed for someone much shorter was considered false advertising.  Out of all of those who participated, 20% thought it was false advertising, 60% didn’t know why the company would even consider using a tall model, 10% […]

Poll: 5'10" model wearing pants designed for 5'3" = False Advertising?

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Pretty Jewellery Lands One in Handmade Heaven

Savithri Sastri Maileen Gan doesn’t want to look the same as everyone else.  That is why she loves handmade jewellery.  “I like that it is unique and that an artist put so much thought in to designing it,” said Gan, a business analyst in her twenties. One of her favourite pieces is a pair of […]

Yvette Craddock and StyleFolioJewelry

Yvette Craddock, founder and style director of has been in love with fashion industry since she was a child model.  As a teenager, she started designing her own clothing, which she still does today (while working with a tailor).   While she was making these clothes, she realized that she needed accessories to compliment her […]

Jessica DeCarlo: Brooklyn Based, Internationally Inspired

Jessica DeCarlo, who started making jewellery when she was very young launched her line, Jessica DeCarlo Designs this past spring. Through her studies at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, Academia Italiana and an internship at Metallo Nobile in Florence Italy (where she was doing PR/Marketing), she developed a unique style, creating timeless-looking pieces that definitely […]