Operanation 6: February 26, 2010

The Canadian Opera Company’s Operanation 6, its annual fundraising bash, was held at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts on February 26, 2010.  In addition to performances and great music, a TV was set up for people to watch the Canada-Slovakia game (Canada won 3-2).  A full article with more pictures will go live […]

EllaPoe: It's all in the Stars

EllaPoe, designer Starting from a young age, EllaPoe has had an interest in creating jewellery.  Born to Hindu Ashram and raised by western entrepreneurs, EllaPoe has always been interested in unifying these distinct philosophies.  EllaPoe’s work is also hugely inspired by the antiquity, early minimalism and her background in music. EllaPoe was in Manhattan, training to […]

La vie bohème d'Operanation

Cynthia Cheng The fifth annual Opernation was held at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts on Friday, October 24.   The event, which was organized by the Canadian Opera Company (COC), was created as a fundraiser for the COC’s education programs. The theme of the evening was La Vie Bohème, celebrating Puccini’s famous opera, […]

Cry-Baby to be a Musical: Broadway Running Out of Ideas Too?

Cynthia Cheng Cry-Baby, the 1990 John Waters movie starring Johnny Depp, is now a musical. In the past few years, many new shows have either been adapted from the screen or are productions featuring already-composed music of popular musicians. In fact, Hairspray was not only made into a Broadway show, but also remade into a […]