Styling it up at Ottawa's Justine & Justinas

Christopher Massardo It’s nothing new to say that Ottawa gets over-looked from time to time regarding its ability to provide good fashion to the cities consumers. Ottawa doesn’t always miss the mark though, one example being Justine & Justinas on Sussex. Up until recently and its opening in 1993 the store was known simply as […]

Vintage: A Great Way to Go!

Erin Easterbrook When Courtney Leclair puts on her green, floor-length house-robe complete with shoulder pads, she’s engulfed in glamour. The robe is embroidered with a gold dragon on the back. The intricate detailing and luxurious materials suggest it was expensive, but Leclair bought the robe for a modest $8. Vintage clothing, like the dresses displayed […]

Doesn't Ottawa Have Anything Better to Do?

Cynthia Cheng They want to change the lyrics of O Canada, claiming that “in all thy sons command” is sexist.  Honestly, I can’t believe Ottawa would even suggest changing such a thing.  This is not a “real” issue that needs to be dealt with right away.  It’s just words.  It’s not an official document that […]

Statscan Definition of 'Mother Tongue' Used to Inflate Numbers?

Cynthia Cheng Statistic Canada (Statscan) defines “mother tongue” as “first language learned at home.”  But is it accurate? Or, are they trying to inflate the number of Canadians who speak a non-official (English or French) language?  Why am I asking this?  Because plenty of people who learned an ancestral language prior to starting school grow up not […]

Hats and Vintage Clothing at Chateau Laurier!

Erin Easterbrook Hundreds of people browsed through the annual antique clothing sale at the Chateau Laurier recently, looking for bargains and unique fashion items from the 1900s to the 1970s. The 25th vintage sale anniversary drew men and women of all ages, who picked-over the men’s and women’s clothing, jewellery, linens, and collectibles on offer […]

Clothes Encounters in the Capital Area

Christopher Massardo Nestled away in Ottawa’s small and trendy new Edinburgh area and just a stones throw away from the riche Rockcliffe area is the fairytale worthy boutique of any fashionista or fashionisto’s dreams.  Clothes Encounters of a Second Time is a store like no other in Ottawa located in a house with the basement and main floor […]

The Capital Region’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Heather Kirk The humdrum days of March were a little less so for those fortunate enough to be transported “over the rainbow” and into the wonderful world of the Wizard of Oz, which appeared at the National Arts Centre from March 10th through 15th. As adored and familiar as this production is through the much-loved […]

New Year’s Event At Lago Bar Grill

Cynthia Cheng The Lago Bar-Grill-View, located at Dows Lake Pavillion along Ottawa’s Rideau Canal,  ushered in 2009 by offering a beautiful evening of dinner and dancing on December 31.  The evening included a choice of two sittings – a three course meal at 5:30 pm and a second, more elaborate six course sitting later in the evening. The two […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: No Coalition…Parliament Suspended Instead

Barely two months since the Federal election in Canada, seemed to be in trouble. The Liberal Party and the NDP (New Democratic Party) had, in association with the Bloc Quebecois discussed the possibility of forming a coalition government and therefore taking the current Conservative Party out of power. But the possibility of that happening on […]

Cynthia's Thoughts EXTRA: Parliament to be Prorogued…Coalition Averted

I don’t normally do a “Cynthia’s Thoughts” column on Thursdays, but this is big news. Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with the Governor-General Michaëlle Jean this morning and she has decided to prorogue (suspend) Parliament until January. This means that the voted of non-confidence slated for next Monday has now been cancelled and at this […]