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Hollywood Only Wants the Dough….They’re Not REALLY laughing at us

It seems that many (36.4%) of you believe that Hollywood is there to make money, not to laugh at (18.2%) or with (9.1%) society. At the same time, another 36.4% of you thought it was other. Personally, I feel that movies in the past 10 years have somehow been “dumbed down.”  Many movies (especially big budget pieces […]

Minding Your Manners

Kyle Bernstein Perhaps the mere sound of the word suggests elitism, elegance, and maybe even antiquity.  However, “etiquette” is simply another word for manners and it applies to all of us.  Webster’s New World Dictionary describes minding your manners as “observing proper behavior in social situations”.  Of course, what can be construed as “proper” may […]

Big Budget Movies: Is Hollywood Laughing WITH Us or AT Us?

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